Through the media, we are all aware that every single one of us has accountability for the environment and the legacy of our actions or lack of them. Madeira's philosophy has always been to take great responsibility for employees, the natural world and eco system, right through from high standards of production with the best of condiitions for workers to raw materials from only accredited suppliers - all resulting in the best threads, produced in highest consideration for the environment and the end user...

And to modern day philosophy of Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle


Production processes are strictly controlled under ISO 9001


Viscose, or Viscose Rayon, as it is also known, offers the closest machine embroidery thread to organic principles because it originates from sustainable sources - cellulose from sustainable trees, plants or cotton waste. At Madeira, all threads are produced using state of the art technology and processes, ensuring optimum ecological and environmental standards and of course Madeira CLASSIC Rayon is biodegradable.. Thus, Madeira's CLASSIC Rayon is your number one choice.

Don't forget, machine embroidery thread must run at high speeds on a machine, as well as be washable and enduring - all treatments of Madeira CLASSIC Rayon concentrate on strict environmental regulations to achieve this.


Dyestuffs used by Madeira comply to all legal requirements for human and ecosystems and originate only from recognised suppliers such as Dystar, Huntsman & Clariant, invested with ISO & OEKO-TEX Certification..

And thoose who are registered to REACH*

Via Madeira's AcquaZERO by Noseda patented process, the amount of water used dyeing is reduced by 60%!

In turn reducing energy required...

Image 1 - Yarn Dying Machine
Image 2 - The first tank shows the usual amount of water used when dying and the third tank shows when it is reduced by 60% using the
AcquaZERO by Noseda process.
Image 3 - AcquaZERO by Noseda

The dyehouse recycles water used and any remains are treated and re-processed back in to the water system. Only carefully treated effluent is discharged, according to German strict and high level parameters.

And of course the dye cones are re-used.  


Only clean energy (gas) is used in production, thus reducing emissions.

Madeira has developed a special Energy Transfer / Heat Exchange drying system which only uses recycled heat from other processes...

Meaning every single kilowatt of energy is reused. From 2003-2007 there was a 40% reduction in overall total consumption of energy..

OEKO-TEX Certification

Oeko-Tex Class / Certificate - Viscose

Even prior to recent expectations of the textile industry, Madeira's philosophy was NEVER to use banned AZO dyes, CHROMIUM VI, TBTs, Formaldehyde, PCPs, etc - which is why Madeira consistently has the highest standard of Oeko-Tex Certification possible for threads. OEKO-TEX testing ensures none of the listed substances are allowed in production and these substances are continually updated to keep pace with evolving processing and chemicals..

And of course throughout all processes, Madeira has consistent waste & pollution control.  


Madeira's strict Codes of Conduct ensures employees are certain of high standards of health, safety, working environment and conditions, with no forced and/or child labour.

And regularly makes Charitable Donations to many worthy causes, both locally and internationally.

Why make rubbish from rubbish when you can use organic? Safe for your skin and the environment... Madeira CLASSIC Viscose Rayon -  the natural choice for investment in health, comfort and safety for you and the environment.

Chemical Restriction

For manufacturers and importers of chemical substances
Intended to replace the multiple current directives in the EU and improve safety standards
Pre-Registration for REACH began 01-06-08 in Helsinki
Suppliers pre-register for approval then registration for REACH
Madeira only buys from suppliers registered with REACH