MADEIRA has the perfect display, storage and transport units for Monogrammers, Design Studios and companies wishing to ensure they always have at least one sample of a popular colour available to stitch with!

Design Boxes

Imagine you have a call from a potential new customer you have been targeting for ages at six o'clock in the evening and he wants to collect an embroidered sample in his corporate colours from you at 9am the next day. Of course you agree as potentially this is a huge order and could lead to more. Everyone else has gone home. You download his artwork from his website and by 8pm you have the perfect digitized design. You don't mind working 'till late, thinking of the future orders...

Then you check your thread stock. Two out of the three colours you matched up perfectly to the company logo are not there and you remember - the stock had not been replenished because these particular colours 'are not so popular'.

Sound familiar?

Well, to help prevent situations like this and to ensure designers can match any colour to fabrics with actual thread, even to Pantone references, Madeira's design boxes are absolutely invaluable.

seven drawer units containing comprehensive selections of one cop of each of all single colours available from Madeira's CLASSIC No.40
or POLYNEON No.40 machine embroidery thread ranges ensures you always have stock to hand. (providing you put the thread back after it has been sampled with!

Each spool within the design assortment boxes rests in its own numbered compartment. Corresponding shade numbers are printed on the top of the units in drawer and section order, providing a complete overview of all colours within, so any to be replaced can be easily identified!