Madeira Needles

The correct size and type of needle is essential to the production of quality embroidery. An incorrect needle size and eye can cause anything from a perforated 'teabag' effect around the stitching, to fabric puckering and thread breaks.

Experiments have been undertaken to establish the most important features necessary in needle to ensure good embroidery. The result is the stainless steel Madeira large eye needle, for use on any multihead embroidery and industrial Monogram machine.

The Madeira needle is based on the DBxK5 type needle. Particular care is taken with these needles to ensure that when embroidering, the needle penetration damage is minimal. The needle size required has therefore been significantly reduced, so a finer needle than normal can be used with this sytem.

Below is information for recommended needle sizes for each of the Madeira embroidery threads. Each box of the Madeira needles is clearly marked with the type of thread suitable for this style. 

Schmetz Needles

Schmetz needles from another leading manufacturer are also stocked at Madeira for those companies wishing to use alternative needle systems. Many different needles are available in this brand, including the ones listed below.

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