That awful moment when you discover a spelling mistake in an embroidery for your customer, or the incorrect colour has been used on the logo. The garments are too costly to destroy and the time involved to unpick the embroideries would be colossal!

Help is at hand with the Peggy Stitich Eraser - a wonderful time-saving stitch removal tool used by thousands in the trade. It looks like a hair trimmer but has specially adapted blade action and will perform wonders in removing unwanted stitches.

Available in two styles - one which plugs into the mains or into 110v sockets on some embroidery machines, the other cordless and rechargeable from the mains. Replacement blades are also available.

Note: The Warranty card should be filled out and mailed within 10 days of purchase directly to Peggy’s Stitch Eraser in the USA, in order to obtain the 180-day Guarantee period.  Please carefully refer to instruction leaflet for correct use & safety.