Madeira Kit Boxes

Starting up in the embroidery business is intensive and complicated enough. To take away the headache of where to source consumables after your new machine is delivered, MADEIRA has compiled 'Mini' and 'Maxi' Starter Kits. 

The Kit boxes comprise of spools in the most popular thread colours, needles, underthreads and shadecards.  In fact, everything an embroiderer needs at the outset at an attractive and economical price. 

For nearly 100 years MADEIRA has specialised in producing high quality embroidery and decorative threads. The extensive range offers threads in a variety of different effects, structures and compositions in hundreds of different colours. With Madeira products, you'll have the advantage of reaching a high standard from the very beginning. 

Kit Boxes are available in CLASSIC and POLYNEON, both are used worldwide, often the choice is down to personal preference and the end use of products. 




The perfect way to sample your designs; available in Classic or Polyneon, each pack consists of 10 x 1000m cops. 

  • CLASSIC viscose - our most popular thread due to it's beautiful natural sheen, vast colour range and superior quality; also the most versatile and flexible on a machine. 
  • POLYNEON - 100% polyester thread able to withstand bleach and chlorine, recommended for: embroidery onto denim to be stonewashed, swimwear, chef's whites and any items which may be subjected to harsh industrial laundering. Available in a huge range of vibrant colours including fluorescent shades; preferred by many in the industry as an excellent 'all rounder'. 


If you are new to the Madeira range or simply keen to test a wider variety of thread types and weights, the Maxi Kit Box is the perfect trial size package.

Each kit contains:

  • CLASSIC or POLYNEON No.40 - 24 x 1000m cops.
  • FROSTED MATT - the only totally matt embroidery thread currently on the market; fabulous for adding contrast and depth, great for text. 
  • METALLICS - FS No.20, 40 & 50, add a little sparkle to your designs.
  • CLASSIC or POLYNEON No.60 - finer weight thread for detailing and lettering.
  • POLYNEON No.75 - superfine for intricate details, tiny text and sequin attachment. 
  • x46 cops in total.


Each set contains:

  • CLASSIC or POLYNEON 60 in black & White
  • Backing samples - BAK004 20CM², BAK0080 20CM²
  • AVALON 20cm x 0.25cm, BODYBUILDER
  • Pre wound bobbins 5 x Unsided 5 x Sided
  • Needles MXK5L 75 x 10, MXK5L 65 x 10
  • 4" Snips 020N9494, 4" Curved Scissors 9476
  • Oil Pen, Chalk Pencil, Shade Card


A ''NEW'' collection offering subtle shade tones

They come in Classic, Polyneon or Frosted Matt!