LB5 Spray Machine Lubricant

LB5 embroidery machine lubricant spray was developed specifically for embroidery machines. Advantages include:

  • It stays exactly where you spray it, no drips or runs
  • The metered nozzle dispenses ¾mm per depression preventing over oiling and garment saturation.
  • Very cost effective, over 3600 applications per can
  • Specifically engineered for use on Industrial Embroidery Machines Rotary Hook, Needle Bar Driver & Bearing, Connecting Rod & Head Trimming Parts.

 Art No: LB5 300ml/10oz can

Rotary Hook

Every 4 operating hours

Stop the machine and remove spool cases. Turn the hook on its axis to align the lubrication notch with the opening in the crown. Verify the cleanliness of the notch and clean before lubrication if necessary.

Needle Bar

Every 80 operating hours

Needle Bar Driver & Linear Bearing

Every 80 operating hours

Connecting Rod

Every 80 operating hours

Head Trimmer Parts

Every 40 operating hours


Lubricant must only be applied to clean parts

A single 75 microliters application is sufficent

Rotary hooks must be lubricated only once every 4 hours

Information and drawings are provided as a guide only. Please consult your machine service manual.