Tumble Drying Information

Madeira is occasionally asked whether the high quality Madeira embroidery threads can be tumble dried. Madeira threads are more stable than most and will withstand tumble drying.

Nevertheless, to keep the quality of the embroideries, and the value they have added to the garment even after several washings, Madeira advises that embroidery articles should not be tumble dried excessively, however:  

  • If drying in the tumbler can not be avoided, or wish to include the tumble dry symbol in your care labels, appropriate tests should be run on the finished garment. Tests at Madeira's ladoratory have shown that, generally, the quality of the threads is hardly affected at all, provided that thread, fabric and backing material fit well with each other. In such cases we would recommend a gentle/mild drying.
    Madeira cannot take any responsibility for this process.

  • Due to the drying, it quite often happens that the fabric, and/or the backing material used, shrink, and this can damage the shape/aspect of the embroidery. Also embroidery thread can shrink, although in our experience the percentage of shrinkage of Madeira threads is far lower than that of fabric and backing material. 

  • In most cases, the temperature of both household and industrial driers cannot be adjusted satisfactorily. If the temperature of the dryer is too high, in extreme cases this could affect the beautiful lustre of the Madeira threads.

Which is why, despite the fact our threads are more suitable than most to be tumble dried, the tumble dry symbol is NOT indicated either on the shade cards or on any information or technical leaflets.