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Animated Embroidery
02.09.2014 - 11:01

Heavy Metal and animation, two things you wouldn't normally associate with Madeira's frosted Matt embroidery thread!

However, When animators Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker approached us with their idea to embroider and then animate an entire music video for the band Throne, we were intrigued and keen to be involved.

Embroidering on to denim Nicos and Tom set about breathing life into the animation through the painstaking frame-by-frame process: 3,000 hand drawn frames, 250 square metres of denim, 12 million stitches, 40 days of animation, 1,800 hours of digitizing, 3,500 hours of embroidering, 500 hours of capturing.

Their psychedelic video entitled 'Tharsis Sleeps' premiered on Channel 4 on 28th May as part of the Random Acts series.

Nicos is also a member of the London based heavy metal band 'Throne', his project coincides with the release of their brand new EP 'Tharsis Sleeps'.



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