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UK's Longest Embroidery
20.08.2013 - 14:30

Sponsored by Madeira UK, award winning textile artist Karina Thompson has created one of the UK's longest pieces of embroidery.


Karina recorded her heartbeat as she ran around the enormous spinning room of the  Victorian textile mill, Salts Mill. The mile and a half run represented an hour's worth of wool production. The data captured was then transformed into digitally programmed stitches and embroidered onto 100m of Falcon Grey, Hainsworth fabric.


The elaborate finished piece features intricate embroidery representations of the four

chambers of Karina’s heart, the patterns made by her footsteps during the run and five subtly different shades of red Madeira thread to create the ECG waveform of her heartbeat.


The piece will become part of the collaborative project between Salts Mill and the University for the Creative Arts, the exhibition, 'Cloth and Memory' August 18th - November 3rd will feature 23 international artists whose work engages with the history and character of the Mill.


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Salts Mill, Victoria Rd, Shipley, Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

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