One of the main fields of application of our embroidery threads is the Cl fashion/work wear. These garments require frequent or heavy duty washing and drying cycles, which in most of the cases are done in large industrial laundries. Washing temperatures up to 95°C and chlorine/bleaching agents are not a problem for our POLYNEON. However, drying and ironing treatments are an issue.

If the drying temperatures are higher than the dying temperatures (140°C - 150°C) it may happen that dyeing-stuff molecules will be released and migrate (migration). In the dryer or in the tunnel finisher this may lead to the so called "ghost prints". This means that fabric layers close to embroidered items may get stamped (discoloured).

To minimize this problem Madeira now offers a "special" black (black is one of the most used colours in embroideries) with excellent fastnesses. This special black is called POLYNEON 1800'S. Other colours with good heat-fastnesses are available on request.

The colour is not available on our shade card yet, so please find the article codes below to use when placing an order.

Cones of 5000m: 9181800S

Spools of 5000m: 9191800S