What Makes Viscose so Precious

Fact 1

Viscose is the most popular embroidery thread worldwide. 

Around 80% of all embroideries are made with Viscose threads

Fact 2

Viscose is exceedingly productive. 

Tests have shown that MADEIRA' S Classic runs an amzing average of 400,000 stitches before a thread break occurs - the optimum for any thread on the market

Fact 3

Viscose is the "fastest" embroidery thread.

MADEIRA' S Classic can be run easily at 1200 stitches per minute. One reason why leading embroidery machine producers present their machines at international fairs with MADEIRA CLASSIC

Fact 4

Viscose is the most flexible embroidery thread.

Madeira CLASSIC can be laid in every embroidery direction and prevents thread looping

Fact 5

Viscose is the softest embroidery thread.

Madeira's CLASSIC is beautifully soft but with a high tensile strength wet and dry, so perfect for all types of embroidery

Fact 6

Viscose is the most brilliant embroidery thread.

Visually it changes the colour shading according to light reflection and makes the embroidery look more vivid and have more depth   

Fact 7

Viscose is extremely resistant and colour fast.

MADEIRA CLASSIC can even be washed at 95ºc/203ºF

MADEIRA CLASSIC is the best selling embroidery thread worldwide