We have all seen in the news the recent demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), and in particular face masks for the general public. The benefits of wearing a mask to protect yourself and others have been highlighted and although not yet compulsory, many people may feel more confident in public places when wearing one. It has also been suggested that as the lockdown eases, it may be advisable to start wearing a mask whilst out and about, either at work or on public transport where social distancing is not entirely within your control.

To help curb the spread of Coronavirus, we have designed an embroidery file for a face mask that can easily be stitched on your embroidery machine. A simple mask can be an effective way to contain the droplets that can spray into the air when talking, coughing or sneezing.

DST, PES and EMB file formats, compatible with most embroidery machine software, are free to download here: https://www.madeira.co.uk/dstfiles/


  1. Fit a thin tear-away backing (e.g. BO504 – 40g) in a sufficiently large frame.
  2. Place a double layer of smoothed out cut-away backing (e.g. Weblon) on top and start the embroidery program (needles 1 & 2).
  3. After needle 3 (auxiliary stitch), ensure that the machine stops automatically. If necessary, stop the machine manually.
  4. Tear away the left half of the mask along the contours and place it exactly over the right side (satin stitches must lie exactly on top of each other).
  5. Restart the machine and fasten the mask halves together along the centre seam (needle 4).
  6. Take the mask out of the frame, remove the remaining tear-away backing and cut out the mask along the running stitch seam.
  7. A band to fasten the mask can now be threaded into the passages on the right and left.
  8. The completed mask measures 240mm x 140mm.


Please follow the washing instructions for the backings and any other fabrics you may choose to use.

The recommended backing products BO504 and Weblon, are fully washable up to 60°C.


Have some fun with different fabrics and embroidery to personalise your mask!

This mask design is for personal use only, it is not a medical product or personal protective equipment. If you want to use the design for medical purposes, please clarify the material requirements with the client.


While there is evidence that wearing a non-surgical face mask might help stop the spread of the virus, it is no substitute for other important COVID-19 prevention protocols, such as handwashing and social distancing.


Stay healthy!


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