Badge Making

Badges and patches are a popular way of marketing and promoting all kinds of companies, generating an instantly recognisable insignia and recent fashion trends have seen an increase in badges on apparel. Text and detail can often be quite small on a badge, consider using a finer 60 or 75 weight thread to achieve a high level of definition and clarity.

Produce by stitching onto fabric such as cotton drill, felt or applique fabrics

Cotton Drill

300g fabric, choice of black, white or navy


200g badge felt in 18 different colours. Using cotton drill or felt for badges reduces the risk of damaging garments.

Rasotex & Texcotton

Appliqué fabrics to create a textured background, thus requiring only the design detail and satin stitch border, reducing stitch count and production time.

Producing the badge in this way eliminates the need for a fill stitch background reducing the overall stitch count in your design. The badge is then ready to be applied to your garment and can either be sewn or bonded using heat seal film.


Rasotex has a slightly textured woven finish, available in 6 colours.


Texcotton with a velvety flocked finish, available in 4 colours.

Produce a fully stitched badge onto 'B' film

MadeirAS ‘B’ Film

Badges can also be composed entirely of stitches straight onto a clear film. The badge can then be pulled free, no fiddly scissor work or laser cutting required. The badge is then ready to be sewn or applied to the garment with heat activated film. A fantastic option for school blazers and bags.

Finish the badge

Heatseal Film - HSF-5256

A polyester based thermoplastic translucent film used to seal badges and emblems and for permanently bonding badges or appliqué to garments producing a durable bond with excellent washing and dry cleaning resistance up to 60°C.

Bonding conditions will vary between different fabrics, testing before production is essential to establish optimal bonding settings. The adhesive force will be reactivated each time it is ironed.

Compliant with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I certification.

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