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Madeira Rayon viscose embroidery thread

Top threads and under threads

Choose the thread most suitable for your needs. Viscose or Polyester, No.40 in both ranges will be ideal for most designs and perfect for high speed commercial embroidery machines, available in 1000m and 5000m.

Classic 100% viscose, highest quality raw materials ensure unsurpassed tensile strength. Washable up to 95°but not bleach resistant.

Can run up to 1200 spm.

  • Perfect for all embroidery styles
  • Soft & flexible with a subtle sheen
  • Suitable for all market sectors
  • 422 stunning colours
  • Available in 4 thicknesses
  • Pantone matching
Polyneon 100% polyester, bleach and chlorine resistant, ideal for stone wash and heavy duty washing up to 95°, available in 1000m and 5000m.

Can run up to 1200 spm.

  • Best for workwear and frequent laundering
  • Flame retardant thread option
  • Suitable for all market sectors
  • 433 stunning colours
  • Available in 3 thicknesses
  • Pantone matching

Madeira also offers a wide range of speciality threads so that you can offer your customers something truly unique. Frosted Matt gives a beautiful matt finish with great clarity, definition and contrast, Metallic thread in a variety of thicknesses is sumptuous and luxurious, FireFighter for those jobs that require extra fire protection, Highly Conductive thread for smart textiles, LED attachments etc. and two types of Burmilana, a much thicker thread made from either wool mix or cotton mix for a more woolly, fluffy texture and a more hand-crafted look.

Underthread is available on cones to wind yourself with the bobbin winder on your machine, or ready to use pre-wound bobbins for speed and convenience.

Tear away backgin embroidery stabiliser


The most important factor when choosing a stabiliser is the type of fabric being embroidered, then consider the style and stitch count of your embroidery. Whether you are embroidering T-shirts, overalls, caps, bags or swimwear, it is vital to select the correct backing to produce a good quality embroidery.

Backing fabric, also known as stabiliser, is used to support the fabric while stitching and will prevent the design from distorting and the fabric from puckering.

Madeira offers a wide range of tear-away and cut-away backings in various weights on rolls and pre-cut squares. Our in-house cutting service can accurately machine cut squares or rectangles to any bespoke size you may require.

We have selected our Top Five products to facilitate most applications and we recommend choosing one of these to begin with. Use a maximum of three layers or switch to a heavier backing.

Don’t be tempted to skimp on backing, a good quality stabiliser will make a huge difference to the outcome of your embroidery and really will yield the best results.

There are many other items for more specialist jobs, such as Avalon which is used on top of fabrics like towelling, knits or fleece to prevent stitches from sinking in to the pile, ComfortWear is a fusible fabric which can be ironed on to the back of a finished embroidery to avoid skin irritation, ideal for babies and children, and WaterSeal film also for the back of finished embroideries to give them a watertight seal. AS B Film is used for making fully stitched, stand-alone badges which can later be stitched on or heat applied to garments with our Heat Seal Film, and 3D foam which is laid on top and stitched over to give a full 3D puffed up look which is very popular on caps.

Industrial embroidery machine needles


Using the correct needle for your job is also imperative to producing good quality embroidery.

You need to determine the correct size of needle required for your chosen thread. If you are using a standard 40 weight thread a 75 size needle is usual but not exclusive. Choose a smaller needle for finer thread and/or lightweight fabrics, and a larger needle for thicker and/or heavier weight fabrics.

The type of fabric you are stitching onto will determine which needle point is the best to use. A sharp point is used for tightly woven fabrics like denim, cottons, silks etc to pierce through the fabric. A ball point is used for polo shirts, knits, fleeces and anything with a more open weave to allow the needle to slip through the fibres. A titanium needle is used for tough fabrics, caps, leather and anything where a much stronger needle is required.

Follow the above steps, and the advice given on the online resources and you should end up with a beautiful finished product. Please refer to the online shop and catalogue for our extensive range of accessories such as scissors and adhesive sprays and also for machine maintenance items such as spray lubricants, screwdrivers, spare bobbins and bobbin cases. Everything you need for embroidery in one place.

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