Madeira offers a selection of speciality materials to add those finishing touches to your embroideries. From waterproof film and soft Comfortwear, adhered to the reverse of embroideries to 3D foam for a raised effect.


A heat activated soft, light backing used to cover the reverse of embroidery to protect skin from potential scratching or irritation. Highly recommended for lingerie, babywear and sportswear and will not be visible through clothing.

Trace a trim line slightly larger than the finished embroidery and make sure corners are rounded. Place the slightly textured heat activated adhesive side face down on the back of the embroidery and heat press. The adhesive agent will be reactivated each time it is ironed.

  • Heat press: 130 – 140°C
    Pressure: 4 – 6 bar
    Approx. 15 seconds
  • Iron: 2 points with maximum steam
    Pressure: As strong as possible
    Approx. 30 seconds


At long last a heat applicable film perfect for providing a waterproof seal designed to be used on light to medium weight vinyl or polyurethane coated fabrics, ideal for raincoats and waterproof jackets. Simply heat-press the ST104 film on the back of your embroidery (shiny side against the fabric) to provide a seal and stop water from penetrating through needle holes. Will remain firm when washed up to 40°C.

  • Heat press: 120°C
    Pressure: 3 bars
    Time: 5-8 seconds


Our new range of tear away synthetic appliqué fabrics are the perfect solution for easily creating large area patches and lettering. Suitable for any item including bags, clothing or baseball caps. Using tear off appliqué fabrics instead of stitching can reduce thread costs and cut down machine running times. With three different finishes to choose from, tear off appliqué fabrics are an effective and quick way to produce a unique look for garments.

  • Store in a dry place between 5 -25°C
    Wash inside out

Pelltex – leather effect finish, 50cm x 70cm selection of 3 colours.

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Vellutex – soft velvet finish, 48cm x 68cm selection of 7 colours.

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Glitterlux – smooth glittery finish, 50cm x 70cm selection of 3 colours.

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The perfect solution to create raised embroideries. Using foam eliminates the need for costly high stitch counts, the alternative way to build up a design. Suitable for almost any type of garment, popular for sportswear and fashion items, particularly caps.

Designs must be digitised specifically for 3D embroidery. For optimum results, embroider in satin stitch as this will not flatten the foam but will cover it completely.

Needle recommendations vary depending on fabric type and application:

  • Ball point needles for polo shirts & loosely woven fabrics
  • Sharp point needles for caps & tightly woven fabrics like denim
  • Titanium needles, extra strong for leather & other tough materials

BODYBUILDER – the hard version creates more prominent contour lines and is popular for baseball caps, the soft foam offers more flexibility. Available in black & white.

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COLOURED FOAM – selection of 10 colours

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