Bobbins & underthreads

They may only be visible on the reverse side but underthread is one of the most important factors in producing high quality embroidery.

Often overlooked in embroidery, good quality underthreads wound at even tension will assist in the production of the perfect embroidery.

Madeira underthread

Madeira underthread is strong and lint free ensuring no extra bulk is added during stitching. Extra bulk can cause embroideries to become too heavy, resulting in needle breaks.

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Pre-wound bobbins

Pre-wound bobbins – ideal for multi-heads, ready to use with equal amounts on each bobbin enabling bobbins to be changed at the same time reducing wastage. Pre-wounds come with or without cardboard sides.

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Magnetic bobbins

Magnetic bobbins have either a magnetic core or side which adheres to the bobbin case. Magnetic sides create consistent tension that makes for minimum waste and downtime. For best results, remove anti-backlash springs from bobbin cases.

Guidelines for underthread use:

For standard length stitches the general rule for underthread requirement is approximately 3m per 1000 stitches. Top thread you can expect approximately 5m per 1000 stitches.

Correct Thread Tension:

A perfectly tensioned embroidery with standard length stitches should have 1/3 bobbin thread to 2/3 top thread visible underneath.

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