Water soluble

Avalon is a transparent film which provides extra stability for knitwear and stretchy fabrics. Can be used as a water soluble topping or backing to help improve the appearance of embroidery. Available in different weights depending on the application.

Avalon 20 micron

To be used as a topping to aid your embroidery for small lettering and to stop stitches sinking on deep pile fabrics such as towelling and fleece. After completing the embroidery, tear off the Avalon, brush off the excess or use a damp brush or steam iron.

Do not mist spray or leave wet as this may cause colours to run.

Avalon Strong 35 micron

A thick textured film ideal for stabilising flimsy fabrics. Can also be used as a stable background for stitching lace.

Avalon Ultraflat - 90 micron

Strong, smooth film ideally used as a support for lace embroidery, if the design has been digitised for that purpose. Use as a stable background and embroider directly onto to produce a badge. The film dissolves entirely when washed, leaving a light and airy embroidery constructed only of embroidery thread.

Avalon Plus 300 microns

Soft next to the skin with a non-woven fabric appearance. Ideal for light, delicate fabrics and polo shirts. Embroider directly onto or use as a a backing which will dissolve completely after the first wash, leaving the back of the embroidery perfectly clean and comfortable to wear.

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