Rayon Viscose


CLASSIC, the worldwide number one, 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread with exceptional high sheen for sophisticated embroidery work. Made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure unsurpassed tensile strength. Soft and flexible offering outstanding productivity capabilities, perfect for all embellishment styles across all market sectors.

Four different thicknesses have been developed to help obtain the best results and performance for any application. Global standard No.40, lighter No.60 for small lettering and fine details, heavier No.30 ideal for knitwear and larger designs, then the thickest No.12 for a decorative hand stitched look.

Classic embroidery thread can run up to 1200+ stitches per minute.

Not bleach resistant.

Classic viscose threads are anti-static. This means that they do not build up static charge and can be used for the manufacture of anti-static garments. If Classic thread is to be used for anti-static purposes, we recommend conducting tests with the final garment, not just the individual components before production.

No substances of animal origin are used in the production of Madeira’s Classic rayon embroidery threads.

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Thread weight information:

40 standard weight thread

Suitable for all purposes, available in 422 stunning colours including astro, ombré and multicolours.

Needle size *
65/9 - 75/11

Stitch density

dtex 135 x 2
den 120 x 2


* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications

60 weight thread

For fine details and small lettering, perfect for decorative stitching onto delicate fabrics. Available in 85 colours indicated by a blue dot on the shadecard.

Needle size *
60/8 - 65/9

Stitch density

dtex 84 x 2
den 75 x 2

* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications

30 weight thread

Slightly thicker than 40 ideal for quickly filling large areas and for decorative seams. Offers great coverage on towelling and upholstery. Available in 178 colours indicated by a red dot on the shadecard.

Needle size *

Stitch density

dtex 200 x 2
den 180 x 2


* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications

12 weight the thickest thread

Almost three times thicker than CLASSIC 40. Soft, 2-ply CLASSIC 12 has a unique twist, prefect for reducing the stitch count on larger embroidery designs, overlocking, edging and badges. Available in 57 colours indicated by a yellow dot on the shadecard.

Needle size *

Stitch density

dtex 330 x 2
den 300 x 2

* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications


High product safety is paramount, so we have certified Classic 40 with Annex 6

Madeira Classic products conform to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guaranteeing their safety for humans. Product class I certification means they have been carefully produced and are safe even for babies and toddlers.

Annex 6 certification, for the earth, focusses on improving the environmental performance during production across the textile industry by tightening the limit values for various substances.

Another critical move helping to protect the planet. Everyone can play their part, we are proud to be making a difference.

Classic 40 certification

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Classic 60, 30 & 12 certification

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