FROSTED MATT is a beautiful matt effect embroidery thread, the world’s first truly matt and lightfast embroidery thread. Produced using exclusive dyeing techniques, ensuring colours are intense, extremely lightfast and bleach resistant. The high definition and distinctive finish make this thread popular across all market sectors from promotional and logos to sportswear, functional clothing and fashion. For extra creativity, combine matt and shiny threads to achieve amazing contrasts and clarity.

Proved to automotive lightfastness standards in the highest category (Grade 8).

Tested for hundreds of hours under intense Xenon light

Bleach and chlorine resistant, can be laundered up to 60°C

Colours remain and don’t fade!

Covers differently compared to normal 40 thread with dtex135 x 2.

(When digitising, consider increasing the stitch density).

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Available in 189 colours including 13 fluorescent shades

Needle size *
60/8 - 75/11

Stitch density
0.35mm or 0.40mm

dtex 90 x 2
den 80 x 2


* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications

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