Specialist backings


Made from 100% embossed nylon, this formaldehyde free, soft and sheer backing allows you to achieve brilliant results on light coloured fabrics. Although fine, it has extremely high stabilising properties, great for embroideries on T-shirts, polo shirts and to prevent puckering on performance wear.

If extra stability is needed, or for designs over 8,000 stitches, use two pieces or add a piece of E-Zee tear lightweight backing. If using a tear away, hoop the garment with the Weblon against the back of the fabric. Once the design is embroidered, tear off the excess and then cut away the Weblon. Available on a roll or pre-cut squares.


FireFighter flame resistant backing meets the highest standards against heat and flames for protective clothing. This special fabric made from 100% Aramid, is soft lightweight and breathable, offering maximum protection.

Certified according to OEKO-TEX® standard 100, product class II. Available to purchase on a roll or by the meter in a natural yellow shade.

Special Kretzer scissors are available for cutting fire backing Art. no. KR72920.


Tear away backing, specifically cut to fit within cap frames, ideal for structured caps that are hooped on round cap frames.

Steaming caps prior to hooping helps soften the centre seem, making it easier to hoop flat. Avoid needle breaks by using extra strong, titanium SAN1 needles or sharp point 80/12 needles. Designs for caps should be digitised to stitch from the centre out and from the bottom of the cap to the top.

Stick on peel away adhesive backing

Tear away backing with a release paper on one side for fabrics which are difficult to hoop and small items such as pockets, socks, cuffs, belts and collars. Can also be used for fabrics such as velvet to avoid hoop marks on the fabric.

H54 – Filmoplast

Adhesive stabiliser, ideal for placements that are either too small or too bulky to hoop, or for where you want to avoid hoop marks on the fabric.

Fusible – FLBA42T

42g heat activated fusible backing, heat press or iron onto the reverse of stretchy fabrics to stabilise before framing. Simply tear away once embroidery is complete.

Termogarza – Heat dissolvable backing

Termogarza is a heat sensitive fabric made from 100% viscose. Primarily used to stabilise delicate and expensive fabrics such as cashmere and fabrics to avoid getting wet. The gauze can also be embroidered directly onto to produce fine lace or intricate filigree-style decoration. Once heat pressed, Termogarza will completely disintegrate leaving no visible backing.

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