FROSTED MATT No.40 - The world's first truly matt and lightfast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colour and new highs to fastness to light.

Due to the unique ceramic core material this embroidery thread reflects the true colours intensity with enormous colouring power. Due to the highest possible dyeing methods, FROSTED MATT has an unmatched overall rating to fastness to light. Meaning the colours remain and don't fade as easily as others do.  

FROSTED MATT is easy to wash and care for and has high fastness to light. So, it can be used in all sectors. Due to the absence of a shiny effect, the embroideries realised with FROSTED MATT show an unmatched clarity. FROSTED MATT allows even more creativity in the development of embroidery designs, as now it is possible to combine matt and shiny threads, achieving amazing contrasts. With FROSTED MATT available in 161 single colours just think of the possibilities.  

Art No:


Box Size:

10 x 2500m (cone)

Shade Card: Frosted Matt

6 - 8 Fastness to light
Excluding Fluorecent colours