Sustainable business is not only an important component for the value of our brand but is also one of the goals of our company both today and in the future. Thanks to its three axes (recycling, footprint and life cycle), the MadeiraEnviro system ensures resource-saving textile production and added value in purchasing, production, sales, logistics and marketing.

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The new label Madeira Green is the response to a growing demand for eco-friendly products. It gathers the efforts made by the company with the aim of making the entire embroidery value chain more sustainable. By introducing two new premium embroidery threads into the portfolio, Madeira underlines its commitment to support resource-saving textile manufacturing.

Sensa Green Polyneon Green


The permanent reduction of the materials used (water, electricity, auxiliaries, chemicals, etc.) is checked in strict energy audits. Wherever possible, Madeira uses raw materials from sustainable sources, which are then processed into finished products in a resource-saving way.


Water and heat energy in our production is reprocessed. For example, we use energy recovery for climate-neutral thread drying. Dye tubes and other plastics are also returned back into the recycling cycle.


The longer the life of a product, the more efficient the production process becomes and the product is less frequently replaced. Madeira only produces durable products of the highest quality.


  • Made in the European ‘green’ city of Freiburg, Germany
  • ISO 9001-2008 production processes
  • Raw materials only from accredited sources
  • Natural Classic Viscose Rayon from sustainable sources
  • Dyestuffs & chemicals only from registered REACH suppliers
  • Acquazero (by Noseda) patented processes for dyeing, reducing water usage by 60%
  • Recycled water used in production
  • Energy recycling and conservation
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Continual investment in technology to reduce use of natural resources
  • Clean water output – rigorously enforced, conforming to regulations for Freiburg, Germany
  • Strict codes of conduct towards employees
  • Strong ethical policies
  • World-class OEKO-Tex certification for products
  • Highest quality in colour fastness & tenacity – long lasting embroideries
  • Reduced embroidery time due to smooth running of threads – saving energy in production
  • No APOs used in finishing – nothing to contaminate water courses when completed embroideries are washed
  • Recognised standards meeting those required by NIKE, PUMA, New Balance, Marks & Spencer, etc

Madeira Resource Management

Through the media, we are all aware that every single one of us has accountability for the environment and the legacy of our actions or lack of them.

Madeira’s beautiful and exclusive threads harmonise style, quality and colour with all environmental and ethical needs. With over 100 years of experience consistently producing high quality embroidery threads in the world’s largest range of styles and colours, means Madeira are globally the choice of leading brands.

Applied onto a wide variety of items from shoes to hats, toys to towels and across diverse industries from fashion and sportswear to automotives – critical from the outset is the selection of only the best raw materials.


REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Chemical Restriction. Even prior to REACH, Madeira subscribed to the philosophy of only using substances which were neither hazardous nor dangerous to people or the valuable eco-system. No APO/APE softeners (Alkyl Phenol Oethoxylates/Ethoxylates), which are found in some threads, are used to finish Madeira’s threads. All meaning that, following supplier’s recommendations, Madeira’s dyestuffs are non-toxic to workers, the environment and the end user – before, during and after production.

Created with sensitive production processes in the heart of the naturally environmentally conscious “Black Forest”, Madeira’s EnviroSystem applies long term commitment to the global impact of environmental issues, second to none.


One of the most globally recognised textile labels for organic or sustainable products is GOTS which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards.

Upon application to the Soil Association or any of approved GOTS certification bodies, licensees are permitted to use Madeira’s viscose CLASSIC and polyester POLYNEON for embroidery and decorative stitching within GOTS V5 guidelines for non-organic accessories. The Soil Association Charity is a founding member and a 25% owner of GOTS. It means another important step for manufacturers for their eco label accreditation and extra reassurance for the environmentally and ecologically aware philosophy of today’s caring customers.

The cost of sustainability

In a competitive world it would be easy to choose low cost products to try to increase profitability, but do you know the origin of the products and how they have been manufactured?

Even though we are all aware of how destructive toxic manufacturing chemicals are and the irreversible effects they have on our planet, some companies are still unnecessarily using banned substances in their manufacturing processes.

By selecting Madeira products you are guaranteed the highest quality products, manufactured using the most ethical and environmentally friendly processes, through a responsible supply chain.

  • Increase your productivity and lower your running costs
  • Boost sales by informing your customers about the sustainable and responsible processes used in the manufacture of our products
  • Madeira products are quality tested to give the best results on your finished garment
  • Peace of mind knowing that Madeira products are safe to embroider onto any type of garment, including children’s and baby clothing

Brands and larger customers are often selective when it comes to choosing suppliers and will only buy from accredited ‘safe’ manufacturers, so think twice before using low cost alternatives and ensure you are protected with the appropriate accreditations and certifications. Being able to provide such assurances to potential customers will assist you to win business and broaden the horizon of your customer base.

Madeira Reaction

This is why Madeira has guarantees in place to ensure EACH AND EVERY ONE of its products has always and will always, be absolutely safe for use from factory to finished product. The triangle symbol (05-PP) on the inside of Madeira’s cop and cone spools indicates the plastic is polypropylene and can be widely recycled. Check with your local authority for recycling facilities in your area.

Choose Madeira to play your part in conscientious resource management.

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