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Sensa Green is a soft sustainable embroidery thread made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. The first coloured machine embroidery thread made from naturally strong, smooth, biodegradable lyocell. This new premium thread is feather soft, gentle on the skin and has a distinguished silk matt finish. The manufacturing process uses environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable raw materials, wood is the thread’s main ingredient. Developed in response to the focus on sustainability, Madeira’s latest innovation is an important development and a critical move for both the textile industry and the environment.


Sensa Green is an eco-friendly thread for professional embroideries. With a velvety silk matt finish, this thread is naturally suited for use on eco-friendly fashions, as well as underwear, sportswear, children’s wear and interior textiles.

Advantages include:

  • Made from 100% lyocell fibres
  • Botanic origin – derived from trees grown in sustainably managed forests
  • Suitable for designs digitised for 40 weight threads
  • Excellent performance on high speed industrial machines
  • Certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® class I, Annex 6
  • Fully biodegradable for more sustainability in the textile industry
  • Available in 144 colours, including an overdye version

Needle size *
65/9 - 75/11

Stitch density
0.35 - 0.37mm

dtex 100 x 2
den 90 x 2

* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications


The responsible production of remarkable embroideries relies on even the smallest details, including the concealed underthreads. This lyocell bobbin thread is the right counterpart to your colourful lyocell top threads for a consistently soft feel and professional result.

  • Art. No. 319
  • White (undyed)

Needle size *

Stitch density

dtex 74 x 2
den 66 x 2

* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications


When we talk about the environment, we often refer to the butterfly effect, how even little changes can make a big difference. 

Sensa Green is one of those little things with significance, a state-of-the-art embroidery thread.


  1. Madeira_SensaGreen_Production_Process_Sustainable_ThreadThe main ingredient in Sensa Green comes from sustainably managed forests. The trees are grown on non-agricultural soil, are watered by the rain and do not require pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.
  2. In order to extract cellulose, the raw materials are turned into woodchips. The non-cellulosic components are then saved to create other components. Nothing is wasted.
  3. A further transformation tuns the cellulose into a pulp from which the biodegradable lyocell fibres are derived.
  4. The lyocell is manufactured by Lenzing, using resource-saving and eco-friendly processes that have received the European Business Award for the Environment.
  5. These fibres are transported short distances to Madeira’s factory in Germany, where many expert threads are made. Here, they get their silk matt colours and finish to become Sensa Green.
  6. All to create a sensationally soft embroidery. Its incredible performance on industrial machines ensures high quality with a low ecological impact. Substances of animal origin are avoided from beginning to end, thus making these threads vegan friendly.


Our sustainability credentials

What makes Sensa Green so unique?

Sensa Green is one of the most sustainable embroidery threads in the world. This first ever coloured lyocell thread is manufactured from sustainably harvested trees, a renewable natural resource. The closed-loop production process saves resources and produces minimal waste.

With saving the planet en vogue, fashion’s becoming increasingly eco-friendly, use Sensa Green and be sustainable with style!

Naturally soft 

Sensa Green offers a sensationally smooth finish which feels soft even against sensitive skin. So gentle it can be safely machine embroidered even on underwear and textiles for babies.

OVERDYE – the colour choice is all yours

Create the perfect shade match with Sensa Green’s undyed no. 71. For use on textiles that will be overdyed later, this version provides you with maximum flexibility for your industrial embroideries. Or the dye-free thread can be used in its natural state, the choice is up to you!

A SENSAtional range of colours

Select from 144 deep and intense colours. Sensa Green’s natural structure provides a beautifully soft embroidery thread with a velvety silk matt finish.

Download shadecard

Certification and standards 

Sensa Green embroidery threads, made from TENCEL™ Lyocell are tested and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Annex 6, product class I. They are dyed in Madeira’s factories in Freiburg using technologies that save water and recycles energy. Production facilities are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

OEKO-TEX® Certificate 

TENCEL™ is a  trademark of Lenzing AG

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