Premium quality machine embroidery thread made of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. Bottles made from PET can be recycled and used to manufacture new bottles, packaging or in this case fibres to produce new POLYNEON green thread.

Created in response to the global demand to reduce plastic bottles, with POLYNEON green, we are reducing the amount of plastic in the environment and making the textile industry more sustainable.

Enjoy creating beautifully shiny embroideries while reducing the impact on the environment!

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STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Annex 6, product class I



POLYNEON green is a 40 weight 100% polyester thread made of recycled plastic bottles. This multi-purpose thread is suitable for a wide range of applications from fashion, workwear and sportswear to demin, shoes and interiors.

With the same features as standard Polyneon, it’s shiny, robust and performs excellently on high-speed industrial machines, colours are consistent and resistant to chlorine.

Available in 108 popular colours, free from harmful substances and certified for use on baby items.

(The complete range of colours will gradually be made available during 2021)

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Produced in Germany using clean, energy saving dyeing processes, reusing plastic waste and saving resources is a brilliant advance towards a more eco-friendly textile industry.

Needle size *
60/8 - 75/11

Stitch density

dtex 135 x 2
den 120 x 2

* Needle recommendations are for standard fabrics and applications


Plastic pollution is one of the most talked about environmental issues, it’s a huge problem that requires fundamental changes in how plastics are produced, used and ultimately disposed of. One solution is the serious issue of recycling, when waste is converted into new materials. It then becomes a valuable resource and one of the critical reasons why Madeira has been working hard to develop new, economically viable products from sustainable resources.

Our sustainability credentials


Manufactured using recycled transparent bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The process gives post-consumer waste a second life. By using existing materials, no new waste is created and non-renewable resources are saved.

  1. Recycling of PET plastic bottles…
  2. bottles are then shredded into flakes…
  3. then formed into chips…
  4. melted into liquid and extruded through micro holes…
  5. the recycled fibres are spun into an amazing new thread, POLYNEON green!


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Gentle to everything around us

Did you know we have certified Polyneon Green with Annex 6?

Madeira Green products conform to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which means they are safe for humans. Products with CLASS I certification have been carefully produced and are safe even for babies.

Annex 6 focusses on improving the environmental performance during production across the textile industry by tightening the limit values for various substances. Another critical move helping to protect the planet. Everyone can play their part, we are proud to be making a difference.

No substances of animal origin are used in the production of Polyneon Green threads.

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High endurance sportswear

Often stretched to its limits, sportswear must hold its own and that includes the embroidery too. Polyneon Green, made from recycled polyester is strong and stable, washable up to 95°C, and chlorine resistant making it a robust thread even in the toughest conditions.

Workwear with resilience

At Madeira we know that workwear often has to withstand tough working conditions. From overalls and aprons to lab coats and uniforms, Polyneon Green not only performs well on industrial embroidery machines across a variety of applications, but colours will remain radiant wash after wash.

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