Madeira's polyester embroidery threads are used for a variety of reasons, maybe for technical reasons in the end use, for the special multi and fluorescent colours or for the amazing new look X.TRA polyester with the appearance of metallic!


PolyNeon is the brand name for Madeira's well established Polyester Embroidery threads. At the highest level and made in Germany: This is PolyNeon quality.

PolyNeon is made using special winding methods, unique to Madeira, which guarantee it will run outstandingly well at high speeds without looping often associated with other polyester embroidery threads.

PolyNeon is dyed using special dye processes, making it extremely fast to chlorine. Therefore Madeira is allowed to use the symbol for Chlorine resistance, the specification for which is shown on its shadecards:

Chlorine treatments up to 30 minute
At temperatures up to 30%C
With up to 20g Chlorine/litre water

POLYNEON is your first choice when you need a yarn which will be heavily stressed, for embroideries on industrial textiles or any that are to be washed extremely frequently.

A further advantage POLYNEON thread is its wonderful shine, almost approaching the brilliance of MADEIRA Classic - better than any other Polyester embroidery thread.  

PolyNeon 40
PolyNeon 60