Rayon / Viscose - CLASSIC

Where do we begin? With the CLASSIC of all embroidery threads - viscose, or rayon as it is also known. Made from treated fibres from sustainable trees or plants, Madeira CLASSIC viscose uses the highest quality raw materials and special production processes.

The WORLDWIDE NUMBER ONE, Madeira CLASSIC is a beautiful vibrant thread with exeptional high sheen. Designers love it because of its natural glossy finish, machinists love it because the flexibility of Madeira viscose and high tensile strength guarantees high production and managers love it because of less downtime due to fewer thread breaks.  

Unlike lower quality viscose threads, Madeira CLASSIC viscose retains its strength and luster, even after washing. 

Matched to PANTONE colours, under license with Pantone Incorporated, Madeira CLASSIC viscose is the absolute standard for control of good embroidery.

Classic 12
Classic 30
Classic 40
Classic 60